SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review + Performance Stats

SiteGround has spent the past several years growing from humble beginnings in a college dorm room to the preferred hosting provider for 1.6 million websites. 

Their customer service is award-winning, providing 24/7 support and on top of that they offer 4 different server locations (including the UK), making it even faster for UK sites.

In the following SiteGround review, I’ll share my own first-hand experience of being a SiteGround customer.

SiteGround have consistently come up as the number 1 rated hosting company on the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group which has over 12.000 members.

1. Rated Host In Many Facebook Polls

Lots of them were taken by the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group which has over 12,000 members and prohibits affiliate links and self-promotion. You can check out other hosting-related social media conversations in the A+ feedback section.


2. Endorsed By Yoast, WordPress, Ivica

Yoast uses SiteGround:


Recommended by WordPress:


And by Ivica who runs the WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group with 15,000+ members.

WordPress-Speed-Up Recommended Tools

Many people have already taken Ivica’s suggestion.

Godaddy To SiteGround Migration

3. People Who Migrated And Posted Their Results

When looking for hosting, speed is my #1 priority. I want to know that if I switch hosts, my load times should improve. And frankly, I don’t want to see results from an affiliate who is obviously biased, but regular customers who posted them publicly.

Here are people who migrated to SiteGround and posted results. You can click each image to see the Tweet directly on Twitter.


4. Performance Features

I believe one of the reasons SiteGround is able to produce such great performance is because they invest in their speed technology. You can see just how great some of this stuff really is!

Most other web hosts I’ve encountered offer standard HDD drives, with the option to purchase an SSD at a premium. SiteGround have clearly done their research and thought “you know what, our customers deserve better!” and that’s another reason why I love them!

NGINX technology should be something every web host uses! I won’t bore you with the gruesome details, so if you want to know more, you can read about it here. The point I’m trying to make is that SiteGround always go that extra mile for their customers and it really pays off.

I’m like a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to SiteGround’s SuperCacher. Firstly, can we just appreciate the fact that SiteGround have given birth to experts who have created this amazing plugin just for their customers. If you’re using WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, you can take advantage of this awesome plugin!

I don’t know about you, but when I look for a web host, I get drawn to the ones that offer more. In this case, I’m talking about data centers! How important are they? Very! If your server is hosted in the U.K. but your target audience for website visitors is in the U.S., they’re going to receive some pretty shoddy loading speeds.

5. Customer Support

This is always a hot topic when it comes to web host reviews, and rightly so! Trust me, there are unfortunately some web hosts out there that focus so much on what they offer that they forget they actually have customers. Lucky for us, SiteGround is a company who actually pride themselves on their customer support.

Not only is their support really good, they’re again open and honest about their waiting times (which are really good). As we saw earlier in the Twitter reviews, people notice a good service, and SiteGround are one of those companies that offers it!

6. Best Security

I don’t know about you, but when I’m hosting my website (my pride and joy) with a web host, I like to know that there’s security measures in place to protect me! SiteGround have some pretty awesome security features that give me the confidence I need to host with them.

I’m not going to cover all of their security features in great details, because it would probably bore you, but here are some key elements that I think are really useful:

  • Anti-Spam: SpamAssassin is a brilliant tool to ensure that your website mailbox doesn’t get flooded with spam mail, as well as mail that could be potentially harmful (not just annoying).
  • CDN service: CloudFlare is an awesome CDN provided for free to SiteGround customers. Just check it out for yourselves and be amazed!
  • SiteCheck: An automatic tool that scans software to ensure your website is running as best as it can be.

7. StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek

StartUp – good for hosting 1 low traffic website that doesn’t use WooCommerce or require lots of server resources or storage. However, this plan is easy to outgrow and you may end up with CPU overages once you start getting decent traffic or run resource-hungry plugins.

I would personally never use this plan, since GrowBig is only $2/month more and comes with more features and server resources. StartUp should be for hobby websites just starting out.

GrowBig – host multiple websites with about 2x more server resources than StartUp (resulting in faster load times). Also includes all 3 levels of caching (static, dynamic, memcached) which also results in faster load times. Double the storage space, on-demand backups, and staging. Definitely worth the extra cost and I believe is their most popular plan.

GoGeek – semi-dedicated hosting and is about 4x faster than regular shared hosting plans. Good for people who want a super fast website but don’t want to pay $80/month for their cloud hosting. Priority support gets your questions answered faster, and also includes PCI compliant servers if you’re running eCommerce as well as SG-Git. A good balance between shared and dedicated hosting, but the renewal price is pretty high and similar to Kinsta.

Higher Plans = More Server Resources = Faster Website – SiteGround’s GrowBig and GoGeek plan include more server resources which make your site load faster (a key factor in the WordPres optimization guide). GoGeek is semi-dedicated hosting and is about 4x faster than StartUp for $11.95/month, compared to a dedicated server which runs $229/month or their cloud hosting for $80/month. If speed is important to you,go with GrowBig or GoGeek.

You can see the difference in server resources on SiteGround’s features page:



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